Healing Path Wellness Services PA is an integrative health and mental health practice specializing in healing the effects of stress and trauma through teaching and practice of mind body modalities.

It is located in an easily accessible and diverse neighborhood in South Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was founded by three visionary Somali women who share a common goal; to provide appropriate and culturally sensitive mental health services to all diverse populations.

The effects of psychological disorders experienced by diverse communities are vast, particularly for refugees and immigrant populations. Many immigrants and refugees have experienced and survived devastating traumatic events. In the twin cities, disparities in access and quality of mental health services exist for vulnerable populations.

Healing Path’s mission is to increase access and participation for culturally proficient integrative health and mental health services while enhancing the deliverance of underutilized mental health services; focusing on those who are marginalized, disadvantaged or oppressed.

Healing Path offers a wide range of psychotherapy and wellness services with diverse therapists who reject traditional mental health services due to strongly held cultural beliefs. We are committed to providing high quality, compassionate and comprehensive health and psychological treatment.

Our well-rounded and culturally competent staff are here to provide appropriate and accessible wellness services in the context of cultural resiliency while overcoming the stigma surrounding mental health.

Flexible daytime and evening appointments are available to help accommodate your varied schedules; sessions are held in a beautiful, modern office environment.

Interpreters are available upon request. All interpreters are experienced in health and mental health interpretations.

To set up your first appointment, please call our office at (612) 200-8440 and our receptionist will assist you.